Daywind Music Group has released Finished Well, the incomparable Jeff Stice’s final record after his passing in 2021. Stice’s monumental talent is truly shown in this final recording. Click Here to Listen Now.

Since the age of six, Jeff Stice had a passion for the piano, one that quickly turned into a passion for Gospel music. By fifteen, Jeff was playing for his father’s quartet and went on to accompany legendary groups such as the Rex Nelon Singers, Perfect Heart, and Triumphant Quartet. During his time with Triumphant, he earned GRAMMY® and Dove Award nominations, as well as the honor of being named Musician Of The Year by Singing News Magazine a total of six times. Audiences across the globe have enjoyed his exceptional talent and afforded him the opportunity to perform on stages such as Dollywood, the National Quartet Convention, and Carnegie Hall.

Jeff Stice shared these thoughts before his untimely passing, “If you’re like me, certain songs or music in general can trigger memories the very instant you hear them. This project is filled with songs that are favorites of mine. I remember when I heard each one for the first time and the emotion that was stirred deep inside my heart! One in particular, ‘The Goodness of God,’ is a newer song, but the first line ‘all my life you have been faithful’ absolutely fits the theme of this project.”

Executive producer on Finished Well, Shannon Newman shared, “I will always remember how Jeff would say, ‘I want you to listen to something.’ I knew that meant he was excited about a song. He was excited about this collection of songs. Jeff always told me he played lyrics not melodies. He understood people were hearing the lyrics in their head. He always kept that in mind while selecting material. Jeff also said, ‘God gave us the gift of music, and even a ‘secular’ song can glorify Him.’ He selected music with intentionality, and he wanted music that people could share with non-Christian friends to build a bridge to share Jesus.”

Newman continued, “Jeff had come to the realization, no matter how good the music or how well he could play it, it was simply a vehicle for Jeff to share the message of God’s grace and how it transformed his life. This project was emotional to work on, but it was a labor of love. Each person who contributed knew Jeff personally. I think that’s felt when you listen to this cd.”

Producer Rick Sandidge brought the album to completion after Jeff passed in 2021, putting countless hours into making it the definitive work it became. Shared Sandidge, “Jeff and I worked on our first recording together in 1990. We worked on many recordings together since then. I always loved working with Jeff. He was a true artist, and, more importantly, a true friend. I’m so glad I got to work on his last project. It was an honor and he, indeed, Finished Well!”

Ed Leonard, President of Daywind Music Group states, “We are humbled to release the final recording by Jeff Stice. His immense talent was only surpassed by his love of God, devotion to his family, and kindness to the people he encountered. I hope this project is a blessing to many!”

Finished Well is now available everywhere.